Innovative border for your home - With us, your front yard fence gets the attention it deserves

Stage your home with an aluminum fence. Who doesn't want a fence that lasts forever - without the hassle of sanding and painting? Our aluminum garden fences are easy to clean, robust and available in countless designs. Special garden fences with privacy screens impress with their high design, which protects you from prying eyes and makes every opaque fence a highlight . Create a design-oriented demarcation for your home and use the advantages of the simple aluminum plug-in system.

Our fences can be planned quickly and easily - play with our fence configurator and design your dream project online.

Our fence top sellers



Our rhombus elements are not only used for attractive privacy fences, they are also popular as garden fences when installed low



A low property border with a slatted look is also popular because of the modern look.


with distances

The classic in fence construction is the distance construction method. With our profiles you have a multitude of possibilities.

Classic Fences –

Longevity guaranteed.

Combine the classic garden fence with attractive designs in an aluminium look. Whether vertical or horizontal, the traditional shape of the garden fence impresses with its extreme durability. With the VALU wood decors you still bring a deceptively real wood look into your front garden. This is how you fulfill your desire for a classic and modern garden by buying an aluminum picket fence.

Fence first classic from VALU Fence Systems Aluzaun Front Garden Terrace

Picket fence flat

High-quality picket fence aluminum fence systems aluminum fence front garden terrace

Q-stakes 20x20mm straight

First-class quality picket fence fence systems aluminum fence front garden terrace

Q-stakes 20x20mm slanted

Stakete Fence by Valu Fence Systems Aluminium Fence Front Garden Terrace

Picket fence convex

140x20 by far

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Modern fences –

Modern boundary for your property.

From rhombus fences to line optics to aluminum picket fences. Create a modern boundary for your property and design an individual fence system with our quality product in your favorite color and shape. Buying the best fence has never been so easy!

Rhombus 80x20 mm

Balcony privacy screen first class from VALU

Modern Line

140x8 straight with spacing

Individuality – your personal aluminum fence system

At VALU, we understand that every garden has its own personality, just like its owners. That's why we offer you the opportunity to purchase an individualFence,Personalize your home. Choose from a variety ofZaunelementeand front garden fences to highlight your personal touch. AAluminum picket fenceis an investment that will pay off for years to come, and with our variety of designs you can be sure you have oneBuy a fencethat exactly meets your needs. 

Technical innovations and easy installation

TheZaunsystemeof VALU are at the forefront of technical innovation. OursPicket fences made of aluminiumcombine functionality with aesthetics and offer aopaque fence, which is lightweight and easy to install at the same time. With our user-friendly online configurator you can not only create your...Fenceplan, but also buy directly and have it delivered to your home. Assembly is uncomplicated, and thanks to the high quality of ourZaunelementeand post selection, you can rely on a long-term and robust solution for your property. Rely on our innovativeZaunsysteme made of aluminiumand enjoy a combination of protection, style and durability.