Whether glass, wood, bamboo, BPC, HPL, design sheet metal or gabions - thanks to the revolutionary VALU modular system, you can combine almost any material up to approx. 21 mm thick on site.

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Diversity of design is the be-all and end-all –

We offer everything for your individual project!

Express your uniqueness – design your privacy screen and fence according to your personal taste! There is space for your favorite material in our unique groove, and there are no limits to your creativity. With fillings of up to 21 mm, you can create an individual mix of materials that gives your project a special touch.

Combine materials, experiment with textures and colors.
Turn your privacy screen project into an individual work of art that is not only functional but also aesthetically impressive. Start now and create something unique!

NOTE: Please note that in addition to our high-quality aluminum profiles, we also offer alternative fillings made of BPC/MPC. We can offer you variants made of aluminum, aluminum composite, acrylic glass and HPL as design elements. Materials such as wood, bamboo, gabions and glass can be provided on site - we will be happy to provide you with the necessary connectors.

Fence combinations of Valu

Design panels for your creative privacy protection.

Design your privacy screen and fence individually and uniquely with our VALU range! Combine high-quality design elements made of aluminium, acrylic glass, aluminium composite and HPL according to your wishes. Focus on quality and variety – create a privacy screen that is not only functional, but also aesthetically impressive.

Discover our exclusive design panels made of high-quality aluminum! With a thickness of 4 mm, they not only set stylish accents, but also impress with their robustness and longevity. Choose from nine different fascinating motifs that give every room an individual touch.

Fence combinations of Valu

Unleash your creative side and rely on the slim elegance of our design stripes. With a thickness of only 2 mm, they not only set slim accents, but also enable a creative combination with our 140x20 mm fillings.

Create a modern, harmonious environment with our design panels made of aluminum composite panels. Our panels, available in trendy colors such as stone gray or slate, give every room an elegant atmosphere. Choose from seven different decors to emphasize your personal style.

The combination of aluminum composite panels and aluminum fillings not only enables individual design, but also guarantees longevity and ease of care. Our design strips not only offer aesthetic sophistication, but also a choice of seven different decors to add a unique touch to your garden.

Fence combinations of Valu

The perfect alternative to conventional glass, our panels not only offer a contemporary aesthetic, but also an uncomplicated installation that will enhance your outdoor area in no time. Create a harmonious connection between natural lighting and protection of your privacy - an ideal combination for a stylish garden.

Fence combinations of Valu

As an innovative alternative to conventional glass, our strips enable you to stylishly upgrade your privacy system. The versatility of acrylic glass allows light to be elegantly filtered while providing the desired privacy protection. The clear or satin surface not only provides a protective barrier, but also a visual highlight for your outdoor area.

Fence combinations of Valu

Give your outdoor area a personal touch with our HPL design panels! Discover the variety of 16 trendy colors and design your individual privacy screen according to your taste. Choose from a wide range of colors to create your personal favorite design.

Fence combinations of Valu
High-quality fence systems BPC MPC combinations

For fillings made of BPC or MPC, we offer a variety of possibilities with our brand concept of Alu Composite Design. To Alu Composite Design

You want to use materials that are not included in the VALU brand network
are available? Our custom-made connectors are at your disposal,
to implement your project without any problems.

Whether wood, glass or another material – use our unique groove
Design your privacy screen and fence in a design that suits your style.

Are you looking for a real glass solution for your system? For all materials, VALU has the additional accessories such as slot nuts, piping rubber, glass holders or connection profiles.

Privacy glass

Would you like to combine with gabions? Third-party components can be easily integrated into your fence system. Our extensive range of accessories makes it possible!

Screen gabions

Do you enjoy real wood? You will find the right strip/material thickness for using our accessories and your wooden fence system can be implemented at short notice!

Privacy screen wood

Would you like to connect our sturdy posts with a more open rod mesh fence? No problem, we usually have the right brackets in stock for you.

Screen rod or decorative mat

The most creative idea in your head? No problem. VALU makes it possible.

Combine individually

For example, create alternating fence elements, ie aluminum first, then glass, aluminum, glass ... or replace glass with wood. Your imagination has no limits.

Material change also later

Profile sheets offer a cheap way to cover privacy screens or fences with a modern, attractive look. Later you can then switch to a different material such as hardwood.

For unique designs

Again and again we receive photos of individual fence and privacy protection constructions from our customers. We are already looking forward to your creation, whether classically subtle or in a modern mix of materials.

Visualize in the configurator

With our online configurator, you can combine VALU fence and privacy screen elements made of aluminium with your own glass elements. We are also happy to support you in incorporating other on-site materials.

Do you have questions about the modular system or the integration of your desired material? We're happy to help. ArrowFeel free to contact us.

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