Aluminium patio fences: modern elegance & long-lasting protection

Our aluminum patio fences combine modern design with high durability. The VALU patio fence is not only weatherproof and offers protection, but also gives your outdoor area an elegant touch. With the right patio fence, you can create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Aluminum is also particularly easy to maintain, so you can enjoy your time outdoors without worry.

Terrace fences from VALU: Protect your terrace from wind & weather

ATerrace fencenot only protects against prying eyes, but also against wind and weather. OurTerrace fencesprovide the necessary privacy and makeHerThe terrace becomes a cozy retreat. Thanks to high-quality materials and a sturdy construction, the fences remain stable even in stormy weather without drilling. Enjoyn yourOutdoor area in every season and createn SiIt isoneprotected atmosphere for relaxing hours outdoors.For further details on how to protect your privacy, please seeaPrivacy protectionfor dieTerrace . 

Terrace fences without drilling:

Simple plug-in system

Our patio fences without drilling are ideal for anyone looking for a straightforward solution. Thanks to the simple plug-in system, you can assemble the patio fence quickly and effortlessly - without the need for a screwdriver!

This keeps the terrace flexible and saves time and effort.

Your fence for the terrace in numerous colours

Ourthe windfest Terrace fencesare available in a variety of colors, soeveryonethe perfectFence for theiand terracecan find. Whether classicCharcoal grey, enoughbeforeWhiteor natural brown – with us you will findn Shethe right color for every style. A color-coordinatedTerrace fencegivesYourOutdoor area a personal touch and blends harmoniously into the surroundings. Our high-qualitynMetal Fences out ofAluminium guarantees long-lasting colour brilliance, even in changing weather conditions.en yourhe lets creativity run wild and createsn YouOfIt is Terrace afterYourImaginations.

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