Balcony privacy fences for your privacy

Your privacy and wind protection for the balcony

Enjoy undisturbed moments on your balcony with our modern and windproof privacy screen. Our solution not only creates privacy, but can also be used as a balcony windbreak. Thanks to a statically calculated system, you can rely on maximum stability. And enjoy the peace and quiet on your balcony to the fullest!

Create your private oasis of peace in which you feel comfortable. Our privacy protection products are available in various colors and models, always characterized by the highest quality for your balcony privacy protection.

Discover our range: storm-proof privacy protection variants for your oasis of well-being on your own balcony. But you can also find weather-resistant garden privacy screens or privacy screens for the terrace from us.

Make your balcony privacy screen unique

With us you get the right privacy and wind protection for every balcony. Discover our modern rhombus privacy screen or innovative slat privacy screen .

Even though we primarily offer high-quality aluminum solutions, you can choose from a variety of colors and even deceptively real wood decors. Design your outdoor area according to your wishes and experience the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Are you still looking for inspiration for your windbreak or privacy screen on your balcony?
Please feel free to contact us – we will plan your individual privacy protection project with you!

Discover our high-quality balcony privacy screen – stormproof and windproof

Discover our high-quality balcony privacy screen – stormproof and windproof! Our well thought-out solutions not only offer effective privacy protection, but also guarantee stability in wind and weather. Choose from different models and colors to design your balcony according to your ideas.

Enjoy undisturbed moments thanks to our reliable privacy system, which meets the highest standards of stability. So VALU is your partner for a stylish and safe outdoor area, according to your ideas and wishes.

Unrestricted elegance with a VALU privacy screen on your balcony

Experience unrestricted elegance on your balcony with our privacy screen system - without visible screws! The innovative plug-in system enables effortless assembly, while maximum stability is guaranteed through precise static calculations.
Trust in reliability and quality in pure aluminum design.

Choose the height individually and combine it with other materials such as glass or design panels according to your taste. Design your private retreat with ease and style! You can also use our privacy protection configurator.

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