Insert, screw, done:

Build garden fence & privacy fence yourself.

Our modular system for fences, privacy screens and garden gates is not only popular because of its visual advantages. The ease of installation also plays an important role for many home and garden owners as well as for professional fence and horticulturists. After all, VALU saves valuable time when setting up privacy fences and gates. The steps are so simple and well explained that you can do them even as a layman with a little manual skill.

Basically, everything is self-explanatory and uncomplicated: The basis of every VALU construction are the VALU system profiles as posts or statically load-bearing construction elements. Once you have anchored them in the ground in no time at all, the rest of the assembly is also child's play. When planning your privacy screen or fence via the online configurator, you can add the necessary materials to your shopping cart, and the transparent assembly instructions will of course be included.

“We want to make it easy for metal, garden and fence builders. That’s why we developed a modular fence system that also shows its strengths in its easy installation.”Jan Krämer, Managing Director VALU GmbH

Excerpt from our assembly instructions

Step 1

Insert posts

Simply set the fence post in concrete or screw it on at the desired location.

Montage 02

Step 2

Screw in the sliding block

Then insert the first sliding block (support sliding block) into the groove and screw it on. Important: The straight surface points upwards!

Montage 03

Step 3

Insert filling profile

Insert the first filling profile between the two posts and align them horizontally.

Montage 04

Step 4

Fix filling

To fix the panels, a slot nut is used and screwed against the post slot and panel.

Montage 05

Step 5

Put the lid on and you're done

Finally, the cover is fixed to the post by tapping it lightly with a rubber mallet. Complete!

Do you have questions about the easy installation of a VALU aluminum fence, garden gate or privacy screen? We are happy to help. PfeilContact us!

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Installation of privacy screen & fence:

Simple, fast and flexible.

The following "exploded view" illustrates the VALU assembly principle for aluminum fences and privacy protection solutions. At the same time, you remain flexible in the question of whether you choose VALU filling profiles (see No. 4) made of aluminum or of another material such as glass, wood or WPC. Of course, you can get the accessories you need depending on the choice of material from us, so that the assembly is also quick and easy with your desired material.

Good to know: We also offer you for anchoring in the ground
Various solutions, which can either be screwed onto the substrate or concreted into the ground for more stability. This is another reason why more and more people are opting for easy installation with VALU system profiles. Give it a try – and use our fence configurator directly for planning.

  1. End cap
  2. Chip nut
  3. T-end profile
  4. Filling profile 140 x 20 mm
  5. Spacer made of slot filling profile
  6. System profile p90-1 / entry items
  7. Support stone M8
  8. Ground connection

Assembly door system / garden gate:

VALU makes it easy for you.

  1. Door profile above/below
  2. Door profile lock side
  3. Door profile hinge side
  4. Door angle & door handle
  5. Lock box
  6. Strike plate/stop
  7. Hinges
  8. Store
  9. Door panel

Very easy system technology - your project made of aluminum or your desired material! to the configurator

The VALU system technology offers you a unique modular principle with which you can realize your individual project - and that very easily in the convenient "click system".

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Systematic fence and privacy protection:

Flexibility in the smart VALU modular principle.

The VALU aluminium system profile combines long-standing design principles in an innovative way to create new possibilities. Our system fillings are optimally matched to the VALU system and can be easily attached to the system profiles (posts) - all in the convenient "click system" without much effort.

Innovative Systemprofile

Systemprofil p90

90 x 90 mm

The basis of the VALU modular system are our system profiles. The aluminium system profiles are designed with standardised functional grooves. Material thicknesses of up to approx. 21 mm can be accommodated in the grooves.

Due to its dimensions of 90 x 90 mm in cross-section, the VALU p90 system profile is ideal for structurally demanding designs. Thus, it forms an extremely stable base for privacy screens or partitions, fences, canopies and much more.

Systemprofil p60

60 x 60 mm

Our VALU p60 system profile is the right solution for you if you value a visually discreet design.

The profile cross-section of 60 x 60 mm is particularly suitable for the construction of fences, railings or light screens.

Aluminum posts solid and high quality from Valu

Systemprofil pV50

50 x 55 mm

The VALU pV50 system profile is suitable for the implementation of front garden fences up to a height of approx. 1500 mm.
All our fillings are compatible with the pV50 post.

Connection profile pA

straight / round

Our pA system profile has been specially developed as a connection profile. With our connection profile, you can apply the functionalities of VALU to existing posts, steles, walls or constructions.

This means that no new or additional posts are required.