VALU offers you a unique modular system with which different designs and design options can be realized individually.

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Implement your ideas for fences and privacy screens quickly and practically with the high-quality system and filling profiles from the modular system.

Premium from a single source!
With its three divisions, VALU offers you a wide range of options for individual problems around the house and garden.

Our ingenious system of aluminum profiles for posts and constructions is the basis for every form of construction of our fence and screen systems or balconies, etc.

The parts of the company fill their desired system with life with the filling profiles made of aluminum or BPC/MPC. A wide range of different shapes and designs,
as well as surface structures leaves nothing to be desired.
For all ideas that go beyond what we already offer, you will find the appropriate accessories with us to implement your special solution with other materials such as glass, rod mats, gabions, etc.

You will even find the appropriate product range in our brand world, especially for the ambitious do-it-yourselfer, packed practically as a set per fence panel.

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In addition to straightforward design, our aluminium profiles offer various variants such as slat or rhombus look. In addition, it is possible to combine with different components within the system profiles. Whether design or acrylic glass panels or HPL strips from the VALU program, BPC/MPC fillings from the brand family or materials provided by the customer such as wood, real glass or gabions. For all materials, VALU has the additional accessories such as slot nuts, piping rubber, glass holders or connection profiles.

With our fence configurator you can plan your new dream fence from the comfort of your own home! Design now

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Why you should choose VALU

Quality "Made in Germany" - for maximum stability

Fast system – in delivery & assembly

Innovation through in-house engineering

Simple... simpler... VALU!

Exclusivity in design & dimensions

Flexibility in materials, assembly and expandability